Step 1 - KickStart

Real Food

Lose weight and shape up for the summer holidays on our healthy weight loss plan! We average 5lbs in your first weeks and 14lbs in a month - all by eating personalised, healthy meals with activity and health tips to keep you zesty and ready for the beach.

Step 2 - ReShape

Real Advice

Our chefs and nutritionists create tasty meal plans to suit your body - and shopping lists that make it all easy for you - plus fitness and lifestyle advice, an online community, online coaching seminars and much more...

Step 3 - HealthyMe

Real Results

And if you choose our Premium Coaching plans, you'll have me or one of my certified nutritionist weight loss coaches with you all the way, providing expert, personal support to help you reach your slim and healthy goal!

Real value!

personalised weight loss developed to suit you

premium coaching plans provide extra support and inspiration!

delicious menu plans - for you and partners and family

all the support you need to get you there


included in your programme

Real Life Successes Healthy inch loss is a step away


Personal Shopper

life changing!

"I lost almost a stone but the main benefit has been to my has been truly life changing."


Mother of Four

I've seen so many

"Losing weight was so much easier with Amanda's programme. I didn't feel hungry and I have so much more energy."


Skin Expert

Inspiring and

"Unlike other diets I felt like I was eating a lot of food but I still lost weight. I loved getting the regular contact too - it really helped with motivation."

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